Our work is based on the study of Interpersonal and Intercultural communication theory and English Language. We have experience in marketing, advertising, finance, writing, design and publishing. We think technically but have a holistic and intuitive approach to your needs. We know that in your business, you started with a dream and desire to serve something unique and innovative, to share your creation and ideas. It's more than the drive to earn money, it's about your company's individual story and message. Our dream is to write. By honoring and developing your message, we also honor our own. 



Why do you want quality website copy?

First impressions are lasting. A website is usually the primary place people land when searching for a new business in today's cyber heavy society. This is your TV commercial, your newspaper ad, your word of mouth all in one! 

Imagine looking for a new service, yourself. You google an industry and in our quick digital age can compare websites from several companies. You instantly give loyalty to one over the other within minutes.

So, what "got" you?

The website that gained your loyalty was most likely clear, concise, professional.

AND it had a special something that set it apart from competitors.

Your business can also make the right impression with expertly executed copy.

Why  Blog?

Bloggers gain an Industry advantage. 

Blogs increase traffic to your site.

Blogs position you as the expert.

Blogs are the most effective way to define your brand.

Why send newsletters?

Newsletters keep your customers informed. 

Newsletters keep your customers loyal.

Newsletters are personal via delivery straight to your customer's inbox.

Why be social?

Remember, "Its not what you know but who you know"? Or, how about the power of networking? Remember the popular kid who everyone paid attention to? A net doesnt exist without the connections. Utilize social media to connect.

Consistent Social Media Marketing is 'who you know', modern networking and your way to reach (popularity) followers. This ALL takes skill, authenticity, consistency, creativity and drive. 

Why Hire Us?

Most likely these aspects of success are not why you went into business.  Writing, editing and social networking is not your forte ( or you would be doing what we do) however it is vital in today's market. Leverage what works.

We got this, while you take care of what you do best.


About Us

Joe-Content Editor and Project Manager

Olivia-Content Writer and Layout Design

Are a married couple that met when Olivia read Joe's poetry on a website.

Intrigued by the way he wrote, they started talking and instantly connected. 

Olivia has spent past few years as a SAHM, while publishing and marketing a local chapter of a national online newletter and website.  

She has a BA in Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication studies. She has an MS in Education

Joe earned his MA in English Ed. He is currently working as a manager in the financial medical field in NYC. He has a BS in Finance and English.